If you change
the way you
look at things,
the things you
look at change
Wayne Dyer
Our clients aren't just business people running big or small operations, they are people who may have partners, children, hobbies, dreams and much more. They are people with a life behind them, which may also include a whole range of emotional issues and attitudes that are being brought to work with them everyday - most of the time, without even knowing it.

Being in business is just part of who you are. Being a real person, is often a forgotten factor in business. When we address the person and the person is able to change, many issues disappear.

Are you or your staff:
     * Working long hours
     * Becoming disillusioned
     * Tired
     * Often stressed about your financial future
     * Not spending quality time with those that you love
     * Having communication or other issues in the workplace?

Then Topcatz may be the answer for you!

Our participants are generally down to earth and very practical business owners/entrepreneurs, CEO's and Senior Leaders from the organisation or company. With them - we strongly encourage their life partners. Following them, are the rest of the organisation!


Because when a leader can see, hear, feel and actually 'experience' the difference - they know immediately, that their organisation will not achieve its potential without doing this work.

If you are ready to check out how Topcatz could be making a real difference in your business, give us a call or flick us a quick email. After all - there is no other time, than right now!
Gerard Small
Owner/Manager at Jedimaintenance
Before working with Juliane and Trevor, I was drifting along feeling as though I had no purpose.


This program helped me recognise the issues that I had to process and gave me REAL tools (not just self-help jargon), to help me turn up my professional and personal life to a higher frequency!
Melody M

I have attended many top-level Personal Growth and Self Development seminars over the years, including Tony Robbins “Unleash The Power Within” and “Date With Destiny” - as well as many Sales & Marketing courses. Juliane and Trevor’s work is by far the most Empowering, Life-changing, and Transformational work I have ever done.

Their program changes mindset with simply proven principles ‘that work’ on ALL levels of life - and empowers people to live their full potential - physically, mentally and financially. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone!

 Below are just a few examples of what some of our clients have experienced as a result of our two day program and membership support.

 Increased profits & exponential growth in business

Professional promotions & increase in salary

New business ventures manifested & executed

Elimination of procrastination & self-sabotaging patterns

Improved and more effective communication (in the workplace and at home)

Better leadership

More engaged staff

Improved health

Greater sense of inner peace, happiness and abundance

Clarity of purpose, vision & future goals

Improved confidence

Ability to manifest goals faster and with ease

Increased energy levels

Greater love & connection with partner

Practical tools & techniques to shift negative emotions ‘in the moment’

Improved motivation and optimism for life

Recovery from trauma

When we take care of ourselves and those we love, we take better care of others.
Juliane Cowan and Trevor Farmer:

Helping you make the changes, you know you need to make.